Sligo Mary

My name is Érin Fahey, I am 19 years old and from Sligo town.

I will be representing Sligo in this years Mary festival.


I am currently a Health Care Assistant working in the community allowing elderly and disabled people to live independently in their own homes.

I am also currently studying health and social care and working on getting my degree.


In September I will be doing an Special Needs Assistant course as i would love to become an SNA following in my mothers foot steps. I love working as a health care assistant as me doing my job allows people to live their everyday life to the full. i love helping people and its a honor to help daily life easier to so many people. I also help my mother organize fund raisers and raise money for much needed equipment for the Special Needs school where she teaches. Our last fund raiser was for playground equipment for the new playground at the school.


I spend my free time watching a lot of documentaries. I am a huge true crime fan and love mystery’s and conspiracy theories. I would love to study true crime and historic crimes but sadly i don't think its possible yet. One of my Major dreams is to become a detective for the Guards in Ireland. its always been my dream to be a gaurda. I also do some modelling for local photographers in my spare time, working to build up a portfolio.


I have recently taken part in the Sligo portion for the Rose of Tralee selection which was a massive honor and wonderful experience.I am so proud to representing Sligo in this years Mary From Dungloe International Festival.  Its an honor to represent Sligo as i am so proud to be born and raised there in all its natural beauty.


I am so looking forward to meeting all the other Mary's from around the globe. I'm sure ill be in awe of them all. I feel so privileged to have been chosen to take part in such an amazing festival. I am so excited to learn all about Dungloe as I'm sad to say I've never been there.


I'd like to take this opportunity to say a big massive heart filled thank you to my wonderful sponsors The Sligo Southern Hotel, I hope to do both ye and the County of Sligo proud.

Érin Fahey

Sponsored by The Sligo Southern Hotel.


Sligo  Mary